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Ludus and West Virginia Thespians join forces to make your front-of-house (Ticketing, Fundraising, Marketing, Collections, and Classes) free and you can focus on what matter: Your performance!

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Sign up your tech students for the USITT BACKstage Exam. They take the Pre-Test at your school or home setting, have the year to study, then take the Post-Test at WV ThesFest in a proctored setting. Those that pass will be awarded certificates at Closing Ceremonies.



We're thrilled to share an exceptional opportunity that comes with showcasing your affiliation with the International Thespian Society. By incorporating key details like your Troupe Number on your promotional posters and logos, along with highlighting student member distinctions within your event programs, you're paving the way to access an exclusive insurance provision for your productions, graciously offered by both the International Thespian Society and West Virginia Thespians.

This exclusive insurance provision serves as a testament to the collaborative commitment between these two prestigious organizations, safeguarding your theatrical endeavors with added assurance and support. This insurance coverage stands as a powerful enhancement, designed to provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind for your creative undertakings.

To assist you in seamlessly integrating these meaningful markers into your promotional materials, we've made it easy for you to access a comprehensive selection of official ITS-sanctioned icons and logos. These graphics are meticulously crafted to align with the standards of excellence upheld by both the International Thespian Society and West Virginia Thespians. Feel free to incorporate these icons and logos onto your website, promotional posters, and event programs, further solidifying your commitment to theatrical excellence and your eligibility for the special insurance coverage.

This remarkable opportunity not only elevates your production's visibility but also underscores the value of your involvement with West Virginia Thespians and the International Thespian Society. We encourage you to seize this chance to amplify your artistic endeavors, while also benefitting from the added security net that this exclusive insurance coverage provides.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary offer to enrich your theatrical journey with enhanced recognition and protection. Simply click the link below to access the official ITS-sanctioned icons and logos, and embark on a path that celebrates your dedication to the performing arts while securing your productions with the support they truly deserve. Your artistic pursuits deserve nothing less than the finest, and this insurance provision is a tangible embodiment of our commitment to nurturing and safeguarding your creative aspirations.

Creating a Culture of Consent


  1. Choosing Your Material

            What stories are a good fit for your students and your community? Do you have the resources to support stories that        involve kisses, hugs, or partner dances?

  2. Consent-Forward Prep

            Develop policies and protocols that will support both students and instructors. Consider establishing policies regarding the chain of reporting, social media practices, and rehearsals that involve stage kissing.

  3. Auditions, Callbacks, and Casting

           Create casting notices that encourage student assent. If a role will require significant physical contact or sensitive themes, make this information available at auditions.

  4. Consent-Forward Rehearsals

           Discuss content at the beginning of the rehearsal process. Spend time as an ensemble practicing asking for and receiving consent.

  5. The Power of "No"

          "Yes" means nothing unless "No" is an option. When asking for consent, create situations in which both "yes" and "no" are equal and valid choices.

  6. Establish Boundaries

          Record boundaries and choreography so that students are not surprised by unexpected physical contact. Establish daily actor check-ins and processes for supporting actors when their boundaries change.

  7. Safety Backstage

          Ensure there are options for privacy inside the dressing rooms to encourage agency and body autonomy.

  8. Keeping the Good Work Going

        Throughout the production process, maintain detailed rehearsal and show reports and keep an eye on the consistency of choreography. Consent is only consent if it is revocable!

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