Results of the WV ThesFest 2019  are posted below:

Bridgeport HS Star-Crossed Lovers
Parkersburg HS - Clowns With Guns
Washington HS - The Shape of the Grave
Greenbrier East HS - Lockdown
Capital HS - Radium Girls
Washington HS - The Shape of the Grave
ALTERNATE - Spring Mills HS - The Women of Lockerbee


1st Place Demi DiPiazza Bridgeport HS The Vagabond
2nd Place Hannah Schreiner Hedgesville Falling Into Place
1st Place Paige Porter Martinsburg HS Everybody Has Issues
2nd Place David Romero Washington HS Unconditional Love
1st Place Logan Minnett Hedgesville HS R.P.G. (Realistically Playing Game)
2nd Place Zadokite Wood Huntington HS Little Eyes, Little Ears

Jared McMillen - Grafton HS Monologue
Zadokite Wood - Huntington HS Monologue
Hannah Gowarty - Notre Dame HS Monologue
Cameron Smith - Fairmont Sr. HS Monologue
Abigail Kuhlman - Parkerstburg HS Monologue
Almost Maine - Huntington HS Duo Acting
Waiting for Godot - Bridgeport HS Duo Acting
The Snow Show - Elkins HS Duo Acting
Little Women - Bridgeport HS Duo Acting
The Big Lie - Spring Mills HS Duo Acting
Appropriate Audience Behavior - Huntington HS Group Acting
937, Max's Death - North Marion HS Group Acting
Pip's Restaurant - Musselman HS Group Acting
Controlling Interest - Parkersburg HS Group Acting
If I Forget - Parkersburg HS Group Acting
Devin Elliott - Capital HS Musical Solo
Jake Pennell - Magnolia HS Musical Solo
Maggie Kelly - Musselman HS Musical Solo
Rachel Price - Paden City HS Musical Solo
Daisy Lawrence - Parkersburg HS Musical Solo
Jordan Rea/Erica Contrill - Bridgeport HS Musical Duet
Sara Ford/Emilia Weiss - Musselman HS Musical Duet
Will Manahan/Rubin Shirley - Capital HS Musical Duet
Hailey Browning/Faith Massey - Westside HS Musical Duet
Jordan Simpson/Jacob Lester - Westside HS Musical Duet

Congratulations to Dan Henthorn (Paden City HS and Magnolia HS) for being awarded WV Theatre Teacher of the Year 2019!

​Updated for 2019-2020! There are changes so please read carefully!

1st Jada King Washington HS
2nd Kylie Coon Capital HS
3rd Elleanna Stoner Spring Mills HS
HM  Abigail Kuhlman Parkersburg HS

David L. Sindledecker Memorial Scholarship
Jami Hartman Washington HS
Steve Glendenning Memorial Scholarship  
Jordan Kennedy-Rea Bridgeport HS

Results of the WV ThesFest 2019  are posted below:

Results of the WV ThesFest 2019  are posted below:

Rachel Price - Paden City P
Hallie McDonald - Paden City  
Erica Cottrill - Bridgeport
Wesley Cotter - Bridgeport  
Kassandra Hughes - Lewis Co.  
Maryn Seamon - Notre Dame HS 
Ben Long - Notre Dame HS  
Abby Smith - Parkersburg 
Evan Collins - Parkersburg  
Laurence Pfouts - Washington 
Jami Hartman - Washington  
Camden Wentz - Buckhannon-Upshur 
Elizabeth O'Neill - Buckhannon- Upshur  
Jordan Simpson - Westside 
Caitlyn Zornes - Westside  
Ella Carr - Greenbrier East 
Jed White - Greenbrier East  
Ajai Woofter - Notre Dame MS  
Marie Claire Palmer - Notre Dame MS  
Tanner Gatto - Tucker Co. 
Lindsey Hull - Tucker Co.  
Maggie Denton - Spring Mills  
Kendall Snyder - Spring Mills  
Roze Beller - Capital 
Matt Green - Capital  
Holidae Ware - Robert C. Byrd 
Ryan Longerbeam - Robert C. Byrd  
Sidney Sheets - Ripley 
Trenton Hilbert - Ripley  
Megan Vandevender - Webster  
Noah Hamrick - Webster  
Jordan Kennedy-Rea Bridgeport
Phillip Essenmacher Parkersburg
Elouane Rogers Washington
Nigel Guest-Hatcher Spring Mills

Costume Design with Renderings
1st Courtney Gray - Grafton HS
2nd Navaeh Russell - Capital HS
3rd Ryan Horn - Magnolia HS
HM Sophia Bright - Huntington HS / Madison Vaughn - Huntington HS
Costume Construction
1st Jane Purkey - Ripley HS
2nd Heather Bokey - Bridgeport HS
3rd Maddie Watcher/Amanda Pastora - Jefferson HS
Novice Lighting
1st Chance Roberts - Huntington HS
Advanced Lighting
1st Fletcher Newell - Grafton HS
Character Make-up
1st Olivia Miller - Huntington
2nd Elleanna Stoner - Spring Mills
Fantasy Make-up
1st Gavin Honse - Wood Co. Tech Ctr
2nd Elizabeth Tweel - Capital 
3rd Sikara Sokel/Maddie Malin - Jefferson 
Special Effects Make-up
1st Jhaisey Richardson - Capital
2nd Gracie Roward - Grafton
3rd Annie Byrd - Huntington
Novice Mask

1st Kayleigh Steele - Huntington
2nd Callia Byard - Bridgeport
3rd Ostin Williams - Capital
HM Mateya Whetzel - Petersburg 
Advanced Mask
1st Caelan Keefer (wolf) - Huntington
2nd Behlin Newman - Huntoington 
3rd Caelan Keefer (pig) - Huntington
Hand Puppets
1st Caitlyn Reed - Huntington
2nd Brynda Christopher - Huntington
3rd Kaylee Perry - Huntington
HM Rachel Rock - Grafton
1st Gray Barager - Huntington  (Schmee)
2nd Gray Barager - Huntington 
3rd Gray Barager - Huntington  
HM Cord Davis - Washington 
Experimental Puppets
1st Sasha Ouilette - Huntington 
2nd Abby Massy - Huntington
3rd Shannon Rawlinson - Huntington
HM Herrick/Hodges/Hostetler - Magnolia
Puppet Theatre Element
1st Charity Gillam - Huntington
Novice Publicity
1st Olivia Fosson - Huntington
2nd Walker/Gaiser/Horn - Magnolia

3rd Cassandra Bhagroo - Spring Mills
Advanced Publicity
1st Zadokite Wood - Huntington
2nd Kylie Coon - Capital
3rd Abby Smith - Parkersburg
Hand Props
1st Claire Lillard - Jefferson
2nd Coulter/Coulter/Sei - Magnolia
3rd Emily Rock - Grafton
HM Gavin Honse - Wood Co. Tech Center
Stage Props
1st Logan Castro/Madison Jones - Musselman HS
2nd Trinity Johnson/Nate Snow - Musselman HS
3rd Hunter Neel - Grafton HS
Set Design 
1st Chance Roberts - Huntington
2nd Ryan Horn - Magnolia
3rd Mackenzie Denton - Spring Mills
Sound Design 
1st Ryan Horn - Magnolia HS
2nd Paige Shamblin - Grafton HS

Tech Rodeo Team
1st Magnolia High School
2nd Huntington High School
3rd Washington High School
Outstanding Technical Theatre Student

1st Ryan Horn
2nd Gray Barager
3rd Caelan Keefer
Outstanding Technical Theatre School
1st Huntington High School
2nd Grafton High School
3rd Magnolia High School